Items Wanted in Spokane, WA

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Looking for moving boxes :) thank you!
a bike for getting around town would be super helpful
re-making a washer into something else, need the entire machine. If the water pump and spin cycle works, I want your units! Thank you
looking for a old school hard case for a guitar. Less than beautiful is good - also old acoustic guitar - less than beautiful is good too. Thank you!
I have 3 old style school desks i am looking for 3 chairs to fit
I am interested in repurposing gently used clothing to donate to area shelters and clothing banks.I am interested in men's , women's and children's clothing. I am also supporting Great Intentions, so I would appreciate any gently used bras and women's undergarments are also a need in the community.
Description: Looking for a aluminum small block ford intake manifold
Baby grand daugher on her way and I need an infant car seat.
I know they have other names but I can't recall them. Anyways I really need one. My spine, hips, pelvis, & legs are all messed up. I can't bend over or squat & I need to move some very heavy & large speakers (thank you Freecyclers for them!) + move a number of heavy boxes. *quick note - I cannot use it if it is broken or damaged. I do not know how to fix this sort of thing nor do I have the too...
I am looking for a walking cane with 3 legs as that I hurt my left knee and am almost non-weight bearing. Thank you.
I am a kindergarten teacher and am currently helping to found a new school. As I set up my classroom, I am looking for a stool or rocking chair or other fun seating that can double as a teacher chair and an author's chair (during writer's workshop). Please contact if you have anything like this!
I am a kindergarten teacher in Spokane Public Schools. I am helping to found a Spanish Language Immersion school and am looking for reading books (either in English, Spanish, or both) for my kiddos! Please contact if you have any books that are appropriate to this age level to donate!
I am a kindergarten teacher with Spokane Public Schools. I am helping to found a new Spanish Language Immersion school, starting with kindergarten! I am looking for play things for the classroom: toys, dolls, stuffed animals, dress up clothes, pillows, etc. Please contact if you have anything to offer or donate!
Good day i'm writing in the hopes of locating a decent condition king size mattress and split box spring. Must be Clean in serviceable condition. Do not have a means to pick up but willing to help with fuel if transport is able to be helped with. this is for a disabled veteran.
In search of a large quantity of Beer bottles. Brown or green bottles that require you to pry of the cap. Also looking for Grolsch (flip top)style bottles as well. looking for 12oz,16oz,22oz. I am able to meet in Cheney and possibly in Airway heights. Thank you for your time
Wondering if anyone have any homebrewing equipment they might want to get rid of. 5,6,7+ gal carboys 5-10 gal stainless cpot ect
I have been given 4 broken stereos in a row. This is very discouraging & frustrating to me. I am physically disabled, low income, & I keep running out all my gas driving all over the county to pick up stereos that I'm assured fully work. Yet, I get them home, struggle to get them into my home, then struggle to set them up, only to discover that they don't work. Sure, they turn on. But every sin...
Wondering if anyone might have gotten a new fence this year and has old wood fencing boards they need to get rid of. Thanks!!
I am a member of the Grant Park Community Garden and our wheelbarrow was stolen last month. If anyone has a gently used one they could donate that would be wonderful. I can pick up from most anywhere in the greater Spokane area. thank you, and I wish you well!
Looking for a glass or old window to make into a coffee table.
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