HEALTHY SCALP HERBAL SHAMPOO A superior blend of wild Siberian plants extracts creates beautiful, strong, lustrous hair and healthy scalp while avoiding harsh detergents. This proprietary herbal infusion helps protect against, dry and itchy scalp and thus restore natural glow to your hair. A rich botanical complex of: Siberian St. John's wort extract Siberian juniper fruit oil Siberian nettle e...
New Respironics M series R3 CPAP Water chamber; Item# 1003758 This is the internal replacement water chamber only; it is to be used with the Respironics M Series integrated Heated Humidifiers. Depending on the Respironics M Series you have, there are two replacement chambers in production. The R2 has side-by-side squared openings (which is the original chamber, while the R3 has staggered tubula...
Back pain when sleeping no longer has to be a problem with the use of our specially designed Sleeping Products which includes latex mattress and orthopedic pillows.
Fix your shoes to ease back and foot problems by our specially designed flat insoles, adjustable heel lifts heel chips.
Back Pain Products If you are sleeping with pain or have pain after sleeping you may never have been taught how to sleep without pain. Known by the ancients and rediscovered by chiropractors, explained here is the position and posture which allows you to sleep without pain. With our Sleep System, you do not need to sleep in pain any longer. There is a way to sleep on your side that remove...
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