hi im looking for 2 6to 8 foot long will come pick up dont care what they look like thanks
I am a single father, I just enrolled in Online School. My laptop is done.I have 5 children and on assistance, and can't afford to buy one. So if anyone can help it would be so appreciated.
My washer and Dryer are on their last leg am looking for working electric washer and dryer thanks for helping
Im looking Any old pc or broken pc you would like to get rid of
I'm looking for board games for a game library - any type, as long as they have all the pieces.
Looking for plastic crates to place my record albums into. Will be happy to come to you! Thanks.
in need of a window air conditioner.. bad! or fans.. thank you...menopause.. on fixed income..
My sister does a great job knitting prayer shawls that she donates to hospice patients. The problem is she knits faster than her yarn budget can afford. Any yarn welcome.
I'm looking for a rotary phone, kid's kitchen items, and a rocking chair. These will all be used in an Elementary Special Education classroom. Thank you!
I'm in need of small to large moving boxes. I am mobile and can pick them up anywhere in the Spokane area. Thank you!
Really bright led lights
I am looking for a hallmark brand candle named Family Recipe
Looking for sponge foam to safely pack delicate household items in preparation for a move. I will happily come to you! Thanks!
Looking for large boxes (24" X 24" X 12") for a move from our household
I'm looking for a digital converter box for my tv.
I'm in need of the following: *Women's interview clothing (blouses, leggings or pants and some flats size 9) *Size 10 men's shoes (for my teenage son) *Summer clothes for my son -Tshirts (mens size XL or xxl) -basketball/gym shorts (men's XL or XXL) *3xl or 4xl pj set (pant/shirt) for my disabled mom Anything would be appreciated. Thanks.
Looking for a square or rectangle fish tank: 2-5 gallons water capacity.
Vintage encyclopedia set will be distributed as individual volumes to military personnel located overseas for recreational reading
Looking for free boxes.
Will be used at Wilbur Senior Center
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